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About Technoma

Technoma is a brand new IT company which passionate about data and serves web-based solutions. Technoma is based in the UK and was founded with Ayşe and Mahir Yıldızhan in January 2021.

We provide Modern web sites/applications, Business Intelligence, digital marketing solutions, information technology consulting and that help your business create competitive digital services to strengthen your digital presence. Are you ready for digitalization?
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Our Customers

Magnuson Hotels

Sector: Accommodation

We worked with Magnuson Hotels for a global hotel data crawling project and web development. We served with data science and web development.

Venus Art Academy

Sector: Art

We worked with Venus Art Academy for art design. We ran Academy's SEO optimisations.

Lokkanta Meze & Barbeque

Sector: Food

We worked with Lokkanta for SEO studies and web development.

Meet with founders

Mahir Yıldızhan Chief Technology Officer

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Hi, my name is Mahir. I am the Chief Technology Officer of Technoma. I also develop web applications with PHP/Laravel and produce data projects with Python.

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CM13 Essex, London

+44 736 599 33 96

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